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My name is Mary Ann Hoffman. I am originally from South Carolina and a mother of three beautiful children. I joined my first band at the age of 36. I waited so long because I was a young mom and the timing just was not right for me until later in life. I love to perform and entertain - singing is and has always been my passion.

I started Garnet & Soul last September and I love working with my band. Each and every person brings a special and unique element to the mix. 

I am privileged to have these guys backing me up. Having a band that really cares about our project means so much to me. Garnet and Soul performs a variety of genres of music with a jazzy flair. I always tell people that we can do anything! If you are looking for a band for your next event, drop us a line!

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Lyndon Thacker is a full-time professional Tallahassee-based multi-instrumentalist, music educator, arranger, comp0ser, and bandleader. For Garnet & Soul, Lyndon handles keys and guitar as well as backup vocals. His musical background is diverse; he has performed in many groups with varying styles including jazz, funk, Americana, Top 40, classical, and gospel.

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With almost 20 years of bass-playing experience, Rory’s live chops have been honed with a dizzying array of rock groups, jazz ensembles, theatre pits, and the world’s only all-archivist band. A relatively recent transplant to Florida, Rory enjoys going new places and meeting new people; Garnet & Soul provides plenty of opportunity to do both!

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don juan

Don “Juan” Fortner was born in 1947 and is an accomplished, career musician. Don played in New York at the World’s Fair in Rockefeller Center in 1966, was a music major at Pensacola Jr. College and the University of West Florida, FSU and served as a trumpet player in the U.S. Air Force band from 1968-1972. Don also played at the 1970 International Pop Festival in Seoul, Korea with the “beautiful people” and with the Drifters in 1969. In 1975, Don moved to Tallahassee, Florida to continue his pursuit of music. Over the course of his career, Don has played with hundreds of orchestras and bands and has also been involved with many studio recording sessions including Linda Hargrove’s last recording “One Woman’s Life.”

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From the south central edge of the Red Hills Region, USA, Keith grew up in a multicultural hub of musical influence. He started playing drums in high school, and continues to enjoy music and drumming today. He has played with many different groups, spanning a wide variety of style from rock, jazz, fusion, prog, gospel, zydeco, country, West African drum circles, pop, steel bands, etc. Pulling from these experiences his playing style displays a wide variety of groove, style, and textures.